The vimacc concept

Our range of vimacc editions and sector-specific variations are designed specifically to meet the individual technical specifications of the respective market segments and are based on the same secure core concept throughout. We attach great importance to the operational safety and reliability of the complete system. This is why vimacc supports various redundancy and failover mechanisms, all of which are fully available for both large and small systems. It offers functionality to configure a recording redundancy, a server redundancy or a service redundancy, singly or in combination, depending on security requirements. In order to ensure data security, vimacc internal communication links are encrypted as a matter of principle. When used in combination with suitable cameras, vimacc offers seamless end-to-end-encryption for their video streams, all the way from the individual camera through to the operator’s workplace, thus guaranteeing a maximum level of safety. Password-protected crypto dongles serve to provide additional two-factor authentication. Multiple control principle access protection on both streaming and functional level as well as password policies meeting the guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security complete vimacc range of security mechanisms.

vimacc has been designed as a complete system according to principles of ‘privacy by design and default’ and has undergone a data privacy certification procedure. It has thus been awarded the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein’s (ULD) Privacy Protection Seal of Quality (Datenschutz-Gütesiegel) as well as the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe, conferred by the EuroPriSe Certification authority). vimacc supports the standard video codecs H.263, H.264 and H.265, as well as MPEG-4, MJPEG and MxPEG. vimacc is being offered for Windows operating systems (desktop and server), as well as for Linux distributions. It supports a combined operation of Windows-Linux systems, too.

vimacc Editions

vimacc professional

  • System with up to 64 cameras on one server/PC
  • Supports up to 2 external workstations
  • Unlimited numbers of monitors and video wall functionality
  • Recording and service redundancy
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Privacy zone management with two security levels
  • Offers interactive site plans with stacking function
  • User-definable/freely definable scenarios and sequences
  • Optionally multiple control principle access protection many-eyes access protection
  • vimacc software development kit for both http and TCP protocols


vimacc Enterprise

  • Unlimited number of video/audio sources and workstations
  • Distributed system with any number of servers/workstations
  • Load balancing, failover and multiple redundancy functionality
  • Smart proxy functions help reduce bandwidth
  • Integrated video wall functionality and multiple-monitor-mode
  • Rights management with unlimited numbers of users and group
  • Unlimited many-eyes access protection
  • Account synchronisation with active directory systems
  • Privacy zone management with two security levels
  • Object recognition and dynamic object blurring (pixelisation)


vimacc Enterprise OA (Open Architecture)

  • Native integration with SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture
  • Fits the SCADA system infrastructure perfectly
  • Distributed system across multiple servers/workstations
  • Unlimited number of video/audio sources and workstations
  • Load balancing, failover and multiple redundancy functionality
  • Smart proxy functions help reduce bandwidth
  • Integrated video wall functionality and multiple-monitor-mode

more information about WinCC OA Video

WinCC OA extensions in the SloopTool Store

vimacc Enterprise Multiside

  • vimacc Multiside connects multiple, independently operating enterprise systems
  • Its range of functions is determined by the individual enterprise licenses 
  • We configure vimacc Multiside according to our clients’ individual project requirements
  • For further information or advice, please contact us to speak to our software specialists – we are here to assist you


Sector-specific solutions

Safe Office

De vimacc-Branchenlösung Safe Office ermöglicht eine Überwachung von Büros mit Risikofaktoren wie zum Beispiel Bankbüros. Durch einen Schalter kann der Mitarbeiter den Alarm aktivieren. Eine vorher definierte Sicherheitsstelle (Leitstelle, Nachbarbüro) werden dann benachrichtigt und können sofort reagieren.

vimacc Safe Office is a specialised version of the vimacc Enterprise Edition. It comes into play when an employee triggers an alarm to forward video images from offices with hazard potential to neighbouring offices and/or to the security service of a property.

In their default operating mode, the office cameras’ video images are pixelised completely, thus meeting data protection regulations and ensuring privacy and confidentiality. An alarm may be triggered by way of foot switch, pushbutton or directly via keyboard, and will be processed as a silent alarm. It additionally offers the option of exporting and forwarding imagery, to serve as photo or video of a wanted person, to public authorities or organisations with security duties (Behörden und Organisationen mit Sicherheitsaufgaben - BOS), if the respective data protection requirements are met.

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Car Park Safety and Security

Die vimacc-Branchenlösung Parkhaussicherheit wurde für die Überwachung von Parkhäusern konzipiert. Durch Schnittstellen zu Sprechanlagen können Leitstellenmitarbeiter direkt auf Notfälle reagieren.

vimacc Parking is a specialised, sector-specific solution to increase safety and quality of service in centrally managed car park facilities. A key feature of this vimacc Edition is its high integration with the ICX interface, which connects it to Commend systems.

The solution enables control centre staff receiving a call from different intercom stations of ticket vending machines, emergency call devices, lifts, and so on to view the images transmitted from the corresponding cameras. This, in turn, enables staff to react in a timely way. vimacc Parking makes it extremely easy to integrate a wide range of cameras from different manufacturers.

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Menthal Health

Das Videomanagementsystem vimacc ermöglicht eine Kameraüberwachung in Arztpraxis zur medizinischen Dokumentation von Sprechstunden mit Patienten.

vimacc Mental Health is a highly specialised version of the vimacc Enterprise Edition, which was specifically designed for use in psychiatric institutions. It supports the documentation and central archiving of therapy sessions, as used in psychoanalysis or cognitive-behavioural therapy, for example. When it comes to the documentation of therapy sessions, the highest standards of confidentiality and data privacy apply.

Video- and audio data therefore has to be encrypted, in both recording and transmission, which vimacc Mental Health provides for. The passwords used to access data in vimacc Mental Health meet the guidelines of the German Federal Office for Information Security, and turning off of password complexity requirements will be technically prevented by the application, so as to preclude misuse of data. Two-factor authentication as well as comprehensive multiple control principle access protection and data analysis are further available features.

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Visitor management

Die vimacc-Branchenlösung Besuchermanagement ermöglicht eine Überwachung von weniger frequentierten Bereichen. Durch Sensorik können Personen informiert und umgeleitet werden.

vimacc Visitor Management, a sector-specific version of the vimacc Professional Edition, serves to monitor little frequented areas in buildings and properties and to inform persons or groups of person in a targeted way, enabling them to potentially leave a specific area as fast as possible.
The camera system can, in vimacc Visitor Management, be used to monitor an area and as the basis for intercom functionality, provided suitable hardware is being employed.

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Safety in Sports

Die vimacc-Edition Safety in Sports steht für mehr Sicherheit für Vereine und Spielbetreiber. Durch mobile Terminals und einem schnellen sowie flexiblen Sicherheitssystem lassen sich Besucher effizient auf die Einhaltung der COVID-19-Hygienemaßnahmen kontrollieren.

The vimacc Safety in Sports Edition supports events organisers in managing access to stadiums and other venues, so as to enforce sanitary and health rules and security concepts in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using suitable terminals, it is possible to measure the body temperature of and check for the wearing of a face covering by persons upon their entering a venue. An automatic announcement can then be made should an elevated body temperature or a missing face covering be detected. When a notification is being forwarded to the central vimacc system, vimacc Safety in Sports effects image recording to document the unfolding process. Data thus recorded is both pixelised and encrypted, so as to meet the requirements afforded by vimacc’s data privacy certifications.

vimacc Safety in Sports’ integrated rights management system selectively permits staff in situ access to video data only while an alarm is active, enabling them to identify affected persons and minimise delays. Where security conditions so require, vimacc Safety in Sports allows for the review of video data utilising multiple control principle access. It also supports the forwarding of alarms to further response forces.

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 vimacc Professionalvimacc Enterprisevimacc Multisitevimacc OA
number of cameras64unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
number of workstations2unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
management of independent location
number of streams per workstation process32323232
simulataneous display of
live , playback, alarm videos and maps
GPU hardware acceleration
encryprted internal communication
Dongle based
end to end stream encryption
user based stream encrytion
password policies cannot be caneceled by user od video administrator
individual crypto key pairs per closed system
unlimited numer of monitors
software based video wall1
distributed system architechture
server redundancy
services based redundancy
user and right management
unlimited multiple eyes access
host based access rights
Templates for Common Criteria - Protection Profile
video codecs H.263, H.264, H.265
video codecs MJPEG, MxPEG
unicast, multicast
Proxiy services
audio support
audio codecs AAC, G.711, G.726
audio push to talk (PTT)
stream protecting
ring recording
alarm recording
linear recording
server synchronisation
alarm management
alarm queue with live preview
interactive and stackable maps
map editor
szenarios / sequences✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓
configurable operating modes
data export encrypted/unencrypted✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓✕/✓
freeze image to print or export (PDF, JPG, PNG)✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓✕/✕
system documentation print / PDF✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓✕/✕
differnece image documentation
http/https server○/○○/○○/○○/○
RTSP server
OPC DA client
ICX-Interface (Schneider Intercom / commend)
Elise server
FTP client
FTP alarm receiver
IP alarm receiver
E-Mail client
SMS client
event management
incident management
customable schedules
serial and IO devices
session mode / event mode✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓✕/✕
privacy zones, two levels
static privacy zones / multi layer✓/✕✓/✓✓/✓✕/✕
dynamic / monochrome pixelation✓/✓✓/✓✓/✓✕/✕
server based motion detection
video analytics standard
object detection and dynamic object pixalation
alpha blending to mark objects
KI based video analytics (DNN)

 ✓ included    ○ optionally available    ✕ not available   

1) limited to local server/PC 

Video security and data protection

Video security systems are subject not only to the operator’s technical requirements, but also to the data protection regulations and laws of the country the site of operation is located in. vimacc® supports installers and operators in various ways when it comes to the commissioning of video security systems.

As part of the rigorous data privacy certification procedure which vimacc® underwent, we compiled documents and guidelines which greatly facilitate the commissioning process for all involved. vimacc® offers two to three, depending on the specific edition used, different methods to obscure sensitive areas for the operator by pixelising them. This pixelisation has two security levels, which may be controlled either via internal rights management or via connected hardware (strong privacy). The latter is referred to as ‘automatic’ image clearing, which means that an employee can only view a camera’s images in a serious case of emergency. The risk of unauthorised access to image material is thus precluded.

Our data privacy certified solution goes even further. Provided suitable cameras are being used, video data may already be encrypted on-camera. Only once the video data reaches the operator’s workstation is it being decrypted, either by use of a password-protected crypto-dongle with a private key or via user-oriented user / password combinations. The video data, in this case, is fully encrypted, across both transport and storage, and without interruption. It thus also eliminates the possibility of data tapping by a system administrator or a network sniffer. Basis of the observable data protection guidelines is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), published in the Official Journal of the European Union, as Regulation (EU) 2016/679, on the 27th of April 2016.

It came into effect, after a short transition phase, on the 25th of May 2018 and applies, without exception, to all countries that form part of the European Union.
General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union

Further information on and as provided by the European Data Protection Board:


The path to vimacc’s data privacy certification

Here at the accellence, we came to recognise early on the responsibility and duty to provide information which video security systems manufacturers have, both towards the system’s installer/operator as well as towards all those who may come within the detection range of the systems’ cameras.

In order to take this into account, we initiated a combined certification procedure with the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz – ULD) in Kiel and the EuroPriSe (European Privacy Seal) GmbH in Bonn as early as 2015, with the intention of thoroughly embedding data privacy requirements within our vimacc system. This process was completed in 2017, and vimacc awarded both certificates, on the heise security Forum at that year’s CeBit.

vimacc being awarded the Privacy Protection Seal of Quality and the European Privacy Seal on the CeBit 2017’s heise security Forum.

vimacc’s data privacy certificates

European Privacy Seal

vimacc was awarded the European Privacy Seal as a result of undergoing a combined certification procedure of the EuroPriSe GmbH in Bonn and the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig Holstein (ULD). It certifies vimacc’s
compliance with European data privacy regulations. Read an excerpt from the European Privacy Seal’s Initial Certification below:
Accellence Technologies GmbH proved that its IT product "vimacc" facilitates its privacy compliant use. vimacc is a video management software that provides for true end-to-end encryption. Users of vimacc are controllers in respect of the processing of personal data that results from the use of their respective video surveillance systems which are managed by vimacc. They are provided with guidance on how to comply with EU data protection law in a data protection leaflet and can be sure to act in compliance with EU data protection law if they follow this guidance.

Find the complete certification here

Privacy Protection Seal of Quality

vimacc was awarded the Privacy Protection Seal of Quality as a result of undergoing a combined certification procedure of the Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig Holstein (ULD) and the EuroPriSe GmbH in Bonn. It certifies vimacc’s ncompliance with German data privacy regulations.

Read an excerpt from Independent Centre for Privacy Protection Schleswig-Holstein (ULD)’s short evaluation below (originally in German, our translation):
With vimacc, the manufacturer offers a privacy-aware video management software. All data collected by video camera equipment is encrypted within the camera itself (conditional on the use of suitable cameras). The transmission of video data is encrypted during transport. The product facilitates a data-protection compliant use of video surveillance carried out by means of the object of certification.
Find the complete certification (in German language) here.


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